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Size (cm):: 14,5 x 19,5
Number of pages:: 308
Edition of:: 300

The book “PAPIR” is the Danish word for paper. It is the basic  material that this project is all about.  Four different kinds of paper were sent to 14 different artists, artist groups, gallerists and publishers. This was an invitation to take part in a collaborative study of the art book. 


Featured artists: 

Elk(US), Niels Lomholt(DK), JSBJ(FR), Jesper Fabricius(DK), Marten Damgaard(DK), Michal Kozlowski(PL) & Peter Larsen(DK), Emancipa(t/ss)ionsfrugten(DK), Christian Vind(DK), Asher Penn(CA), Jimmy Limit(CA), Kristoffer Kjærskov(DK), Alexander Martinez(US), 

Piotr Lakomy & Honza Zamojski(PL). 

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